10 Ways to Calm Your Interview Anxiety During a Wall Street Job Interview

Anxiety can be breathtaking – in a bad way – when it comes to a big day in your life. Everyone gets confused and anxious, and so you are not alone. Anxiety can make you miss so much, so you can’t always go to an interview if you feel so nervous. It will only make you lose the job. Follow these 10 tips to become less nervous during your next job interview. These tips are designed to help you ace your next job screening without breaking a sweat!

Eat Moderately

Eating can have a great effect on you during the interview. It’s important to get a hearty, healthy breakfast. But don’t eat too much or too little. Eat moderately so that you do not feel light-headed and distracted during your job interview. Also if you eat too much, you will just get tired during the interview. Also, try to avoid caffeine and alcohol so you do not feel dizzy. Coffee can make you jittery and nervous. Try drinking an energizing juice or water instead.

Prepare For the Interview

Another thing that can help reduce your tension is preparing for the interview ahead of time. When you prepare for the interview prior to it, you become confident and do not feel stress so it is important to get into the habit of doing this. Get a brief idea of the company and go through some FAQs to learn about the company. Write down some of your best ideas and highlight what makes you the best fit for the team.

Don’t Force Yourself To Calm Down

If you feel any stress at all, you can’t force yourself to calm down. Forcing yourself to do so would just increase the anxiety and nothing else. There are other ways that you can calm yourself down naturally, through breathing exercises and preparation tips. Forcing yourself to be calm can only make matters worse.

Write Down Recurring Thoughts

Those spinning thoughts are what provokes the anxiety. Try avoiding them or getting rid of them. The easiest way to do this is actually to express them. For expression, you could just write the thoughts down on a piece of paper and it will help you a lot in getting rid of them. You can’t have the same thoughts coming up again and again during the actual Wall Street job interview. It is a big thing. So if you have these thoughts coming up, write them down so you know that you’ve done something about. And if you need additional help on how you can deal with the anxiety and the excitement of getting interviews on WallStreet, http://wallstmastermind.com is a great resource that you should check out. Some people like to write down their thoughts on paper and then throw the paper away as a sign of freeing yourself of the anxiety.

Get A hold Of Your Thoughts

Anxiety provokes different thoughts and sometimes a person starts questioning themselves. Don’t let anxiety do this to you. Try controlling your thoughts and change them to think about something that makes you calm or happy.

Take Deep Breaths!

The simplest method of fighting your anxiety is taking deep breaths. Breathing can help you release stress, worry, and fear. 

If You Can’t Breathe, Sigh

Sometimes when you are under an anxiety attack, you often are not able to breathe properly. To fight this situation, you should release your breath like a sigh. Long breaths can help you fight the problem easily. 

Self-Compassion Is The Key

When you are in an anxiety condition, think of words like wisdom, strength, and compassion. Allow yourself to feel full of these things. Self-compassion can help you fight your fears.

Get Outside

If you are filled with anxiety completely, get outside and explore the world. Explore your surroundings and avoid your thoughts for a while. Get out of yourself and take a look and the world, it is beautiful and relaxing! 

Think Everything Is Yours, Even Wall Street!

The last thing is about being confident. You should feel like a lion standing on the edge of a cliff looking at his domain. Be like that lion and feel the power that you have. This confidence will help you ace your next interview, and the anxiety will be out of sight!